KNX Misconceptions – “Dark-Sides” about KNX by E-Necker

November 5, 2019


E-Necker is tackling the most common KNX misconceptions. Most of these downsides are prejudices people have because they do not know enough about the thematic or simply because they prefer another system. This list will cover the most frequent named downsides.



Misconception 1: KNX is extremely expensive

So, let`s start with the most common misconception, that KNX systems are expensive no matter what. This is simply not true, because the price of a KNX installations depends on quite a lot of factors, like the size of your home and most importantly how far you want to take the abilities of your KNX system. It is like buying a car or a phone, you could call both of them expensive in all cases but in truth it depends on what you want from either of them if you want a faster car, it costs more if you want a bigger and better phone, it will be more expensive. But in both cases, you could buy one which costs less and still covers all your needs. So, the price of a KNX installation is very depending on what you want and what you need.



Misconception 2: Smart Home systems are not safe

This is another very common prejudices people have against smart home systems as a whole, this is largely based on how movies, series, books and different kind of media like to portray smart homes, I will cover this topic in an upcoming blog. They are often portrayed as something that depends on the internet a lot and can therefore be easily attacked. But KNX systems are not connected to the internet and because of that this is also not something you could really criticise a KNX system for.