Simple and effective ways to reduce heating costs

September 25, 2019


Today's blog post by E-Necker is focusing on the topic of heating and how you can contribute to a greener world!


A simple and effective way to reduce heating cost is to close the door when heating a room. Regularly checking if the windows are tight also helps to prevent heat loss.


Since our blogs always deal with the topic of KNX, I would like to align the blog to this topic, saving heating cost through the use of KNX.

Heating can be regulated by means of window contacts, which give the system feedback as to whether a window is opened.


A presence controller is used to report whether the room is currently in use. You can set to which temperature the room is heated when someone is in it or whether the temperature is lowered again when nobody is present.

If you are on holiday, you can program the system in such a way that, for example, the heating system of the house is activated on the eve of your journey home. So it is nice and warm when you come home. Another option is that the GPS module activates the heating as soon as you are within a defined radius of the house.


With KNX, the right components and an experienced integrator, almost everything is possible. Even the use of an oven can be integrated into the system, so that during the use of the oven, the heating is slightly reduced.


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Simple and effective ways to reduce heating costs

September 25, 2019

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