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Which Smart Home Living System should I use?

June 5, 2019



The question, which even professionals with experience ask themselves regularly - As followed a guest article by E-Necker


When implementing a Smart Home Living project, the question of which system to use will arise sooner or later.


There is no such thing as a standard solution: like everywhere else, every system has its advantages and disadvantages, and to a large extent the decision depends on the scope of the project.


Here is a brief overview of the different systems:

Manufacturer-specific systems (proprietary systems) are, as the name suggests, from a single manufacturer. However, these systems are not equipped with a standardized, manufacturer-independent installation bus (a interface that can "communicate" with all devices in the house).


One is therefore bound to one manufacturer, which means that additions (connection of third-party systems, integration of products from other manufacturers, etc.) are only possible to a very limited extent or even impossible.


If the product series should be discontinued, there are rarely possibilities to add to the existing system.


KNX modules have the advantage that there are over 340 manufacturers worldwide offering products that are compatible with each other. Any expansion of the system is thus guaranteed.


The possibilities to combine KNX products with different technologies are manifold.


Thanks to the possibility of visualization (optical user interface, which can be controlled via mobile phone, tablet, PC), you can adapt your KNX system to your own needs and wishes.