Manufacturer-independent Smart Home - is it possible?

April 15, 2019


Being manufacturer-independent is one of the key strength of KNX. However, is it possible to rely on various manufacturers for your own smart home? This question will be answered by this week's blog-post by E-Necker.


In recent times, more and more companies started to be active in the smart home market.


The problem with these one manufacturer solutions is that they cannot be installed "globally".


Each of these manufacturers reinvents the wheel, partially copies it, or relies on its own platform.


The problem for the end consumer is that the installation depends on the manufacturer. So it is very difficult later on to make adaptations if they are not offered by the manufacturer's system.


If one looks at the coffee table at home, there are often numerous remote controls, for TV, Sat, HiFi, Blue-ray player etc. You may have installed several apps on your mobile phone, a TV app, a weather app, a video surveillance app, a smart home app, etc.


Thanks to KNX, it is also possible to bundle all this into one system, regardless of the manufacturer - so that the end consumer is spared "handicraft solutions" due to several different systems.


Furthermore, the large number of these systems require an upright, permanent Internet connection. And what do you do if you lose connection to the internet?  One of the advantages of KNX is that you are not dependent on the Internet.

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