KNX system in the construction phase / later adaptation possible? - Part 2

February 17, 2019



KNX in the construction phase is an important topic, which is highlighted in this blog article by E-Necker


Last time you could read about distribution boxes and risers in our blog.


In today's blog we will go into the subject of "cabling" in more detail. You can also save money here - but be careful not to save money in the wrong place. Good planning is the most important thing.

The use of conduits is a big advantage, as they offer the possibility to pull more than one cable in narrow places.


As a precaution, wider conduits can be installed, so that you have the possibility to pull in more cables during later adaptations.


Even if you do not have the necessary budget for the installation of a KNX controller at the beginning of the house construction, the green KNX cable can already be pulled in with the basic configuration. This saves you the trouble of having to pull in the cable at a later date. Even if you are still undecided which KNX controls (e.g. automatic roller shutters, alarm system etc.) you need, the necessary empty pipes and empty sockets can be pre-installed in the most important places (e.g. windows, doors etc.).

Also for the lighting, the KNX wiring to the distributor can be pre-installed at each light outlet and the sockets. The "central off" function is therefore already well prepared.


The costs for the pre-installation is low compared to the time saved later.


With a good preliminary concept / basic concept, you can be sure that you have prepared all the essential steps for the Smart Home.


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