KNX system in the construction phase / later adaptation possible? - Part 1

January 21, 2019



KNX in the construction phase is an important topic, which is highlighted in this blog article by E-Necker


Many apartment and house owners know it: The money just "flows", the plumber, tiler, builder, etc. cost a lot of money and you want to save where ever possible. Of course, the question of what can be saved in electrical engineering is also considered.


Saving is possible,it is important to consider that later extensions are easily possible when the household budget has recovered.


So what can be done with a new building to set a good basis for retrofitting or adapting at a reasonable price later on?


Good planning is the most important thing, so you can save yourself from having to chiseling the walls.


The most important decision is that of the power distributor. Is everything controlled by a single distributor at a central point, or do you opt for floor distribution in addition to main distribution? This would mean placing a large distribution cabinet in the basement or in a niche and using further small distributors on the individual floors, which would then be connected to the main distributor.


How large should such a distributor be? In general, one can say that it would be better to get a slightly larger one than too small, so that there is still room for expansion. Later conversions to a larger distributor can be very cost-intensive.