Steps for your smart home with KNX

November 20, 2018

How to start - A guest article by E-Necker



Before planning your smart home, you should consider what features you want and what the current state is.


Is it a new building, so that everything can be considered directly in the planning phase? Or am I currently renovating my an already build house/apartment?


The following considerations should be taken into account during initial planning of your KNX Smart Home:


- What would you like to control in the individual rooms?


- Which light switches do I want to use? Conventional light switches or KNX push-buttons? Do I want to have a small display on the light switch or do I prefer a touch display? Each switch can be programmed with different functions.


A tip: If you have decided on a control medium, it is helpful to describe the functions of the individual switches/keys on a note. This document can be handed over to the system planner for integration.


Further comfort controls can be programmed via the mobile phone/tablet.  Here each area such as heating, air conditioning, individual light sources, hi-fi cabinet can be displayed and operated separately.


Which possibilities are possible by means of a visualisation, we will explain in one of the coming posts.


There are no limits to your wishes.