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Smart Homes - How to implement it responsibly

October 15, 2018

Transforming your home to a "smart home" - Learn how to at the KNX Secure Roadshow



Hardly a single month passes in which we do not hear about hacking attacks, data leaks and online theft. In some cases, we can say that this is the price we pay for a connected world, respectively the lessons we have to learn in order to be protected towards digital attacks. But by having more and more functions and applications of your house connected to the internet, we have to face the fact that those, who can hack Facebook, Yahoo!, Sony, and other major companies, can also hack our house, which might end up giving burglars more chances to disrupt the peace of our home.

Change is not bad – On the contrary: As long as we know how to use it responsibly, spreading of smart homes will be of benefit to us all, due to higher comfort, but also due to automatically resulting energy savings. But where can the homeowner learn how to be safe and secure at home?




All information to make your smart home secure available on one page


Due to the high importance and the relevance in our current times, KNX Association is happy to ease the access to information and training about security for smart homes and smart buildings. With already more than 30 registered events, KNX Association is inviting to join the KNX Secure Roadshow, held in Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America. Besides presentations, introductions and the possibility to talk to industry experts, the range of access to information is even further extended by webinars, which focus on the topic security. To make it even easier, KNX compiled all information on a dedicated “KNX Secure Roadshow” website, reachable at




In which way will you be smarter after the KNX Secure Roadshow?