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7 Steps in order to make sure the KNX installation is running without problems

September 17, 2018

Make sure your KNX installation is functioning - A guest post by “E-Necker


A system integrator is always judged by the result. Therefore, it is crucial for a new installation to run smoothly. KNX system integrator Mario-Pascal Necker explains in 7 steps the content of a comprehensive system documentation, in order to make sure the flawless functioning of a KNX installation:



1. Checking the cable length


This guarantees the compliance of the maximal allowed length. This ensures the adherence of the maximal physical values, which ensures the correct transmission of telegrams. In addition to that, tolerance times will also be tested to guarantee the compliance of the maximal allowed time.









2. Visual inspection


Looking at correct marking of the end of the bus line is another factor, which determines the working of a KNX installation. This needs to be done so that another electrical engineer can easily find the correct spot. Furthermore, the installation of a KNX surge protection is of great importance because it prevents damage from being done to the KNX parts.






3. Check for illegal line connections