Should I invest in a smart home?

August 28, 2018

Is being smart interesting for me and do I really need a smart home?


Smart homes not only a solution for mansions, but also for you



Whereas 5 years ago, the term “smart home” was mainly used by professionals, we can now see that it has found its way in the vocabulary of the end-users. With the new term, also the question “what do I need a smart home for?” has to be answered by all providers on constant basis. This article will try to make you understand that an investment in a smart home is useful and why this can also apply to a 3-bed room apartment.



Usual first step in order to have questions answered: “What does the internet say?”


Ask 10 questions and you get 10 different answers by people of different background. Same is the case, when you ask the internet, whether a smart home is the right or wrong choice for you.


In the article by Will Forsey, who asked the question “Do You Need A Smart Home?”, he focused on the following aspects:

  • Your home utility costs are out of control

  • You’re frequently away from your home or property [automatic functions to simulate presence + remote control].

  • Weather in your area is unpredictable.

  • You want to save [Decreasing utility bills and insurance discounts].

If at least one of these points addresses you, Will encourages to invest in a smart home!


Other articles suggest that the requirements for a smart home are already given. Almost everybody has a smart phone, running on either Google or Apple and everyone has access to the internet at home. The installation of a smart home is not complicated and even