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Security for Smart Homes and Buildings Reaching New Dimensions

May 25, 2018

First interoperable devices, based on security standard AES128 and KNX Secure Standard, now available.



Security is a growing concern for smart homes and buildings, which have been addressed by whole industry. During the last years, some ground-breaking developments have taken place, including the approval of KNX Secure as European Standard according to EN 50090-4-3. The highlight and what has been highly anticipated by the whole industry was the presentation of the first KNX Secure devices.


The devices were presented nowhere other than the world leading fair “Light + Building 2018 in Frankfurt”. With double encryption and the highest security standards AES128, security in smart homes and smart buildings can now be ensured.



Real solutions with real KNX Secure devices


Despite many solutions, which make smart home and smart building installations impenetrable, KNX ushered a new era of security in home and building control. Existing security features benefit now from the strongest encryption functionalities in the market, in short: KNX Secure (For more information about KNX Secure, please click here)! A selection of real KNX Secure projects was presented at the KNX IoT city, which did not only raise the interest, but underlined that smart homes and smart buildings are a safe and sound investment in the future. Each project highlighted the various advantages and showed that security is available for everybody. But discover yourself…



“Give hackers no chances in Hotels”


Next to conventional security methods, such as locking of devices in a distribution board and using binary inputs to prevent direct bus access, this installation highlights, that implementing KNX Secure