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The most important award in home and building control is open for registration

October 13, 2017

Take your chance to apply in less than 10 minutes, win the KNX Award and 1,000€


It is again that time! Applications from all over the world are collected, the most prestigious KNX projects will compete against each other – all for one trophy: The prestigious KNX AWARD 2018!




Companies from any country in the world can compete for the coveted KNX Award 2018. The prestigious award has been one of the most important distinctions in the field of home and building technology since 1998. It distinguishes the most innovative, ground-breaking and intelligent solutions for smart homes and smart buildings. Traditionally, the award is presented every two years in the 5 categories of:

  • "International"

  • "Publicity"

  • "Energy Efficiency"

  • "Youth"

  • "Special"


The KNX Award ceremony is held at the world’s leading trade show for smart homes and buildings, the “Light + Building” trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany.


But that’s not all: The KNX Award show will be the biggest concurrent event during the Light + Building show, with more than 2,000 spectators from all over the world! So do not miss the world’s biggest awards show for smart homes and smart buildings!





The KNX Award – Not just a trophy


The KNX Award is not just a trophy, which awards the worldwide best projects – It is also the initiator to innovation and easier accessibility to a completely industry for homes and buildings. Thanks to the KNX Award, the solutions for smart homes and buildings are getting more and more sophisticated, whilst simplifying life within 4 walls considerably. The KNX Award there does not only stand for high complexity of the solution, or just the best project, in its category, it is also a sign of leadership in the worldwide market – Making the KNX Award a “must-have” for the whole industry!


And not to forget: The KNX Award comes with a prize money of 1,000€!


Want to know more? Visit the dedicated KNX Award website at



Applying has never been easier – Do it now!


4 steps, less than 10 minutes of your time, but still having the chance to become overnight a market leader! Applying for the KNX Award has been simplified to an unknown extend! Thanks to the KNX project platform, which has been launched just in time for the KNX Award! Its revolutionary way of presenting your projects is now the base for the KNX Award.


But what if your project does not win this time? No problem – Having your KNX project uploaded to the KNX Project Platform will grant you exposure before, during and after the KNX Award Ceremony. Being accessed by potential clients all over the world, the newly launched platform offers you more visibility in the worldwide markets.


So do it now! Apply for the KNX Award and enjoy the various benefits of being listed on the KNX Project Platform. Visit But do not lose any more time –