Checklist for Installers

August 1, 2017

Step-by-Step Project Management – Part 1: Start of the Project



“Installers are underappreciated!” – By Unknown


In fact, most of the readers can refer to this statement, so the so-called “Unknown” could be anybody, who is working as a system integrator. And the reason is simple: For the majority, only the obvious is visible, or in the integrator’s case: The final result. What is less obvious, is the training, preparation and actual work, which have been invested in this project, in order to fulfil the customer’s requirements to the max. A lot might be known by the customer about the chosen brands, the security aspects, the available solutions and even the technology. However, the less is known about the actual work of a system integrator. 


Having been in this business for 27 years and knowing about the hard work of a system integrator, this article is focussing on the necessary steps in order to ease the beginning of a project. Welcome to the Checklist for Installers – Part 1.
































1. Getting started with the right questions


An easy finish and a happy customer is the result of a good preparation. Best preparation is to understand, what your customer actually wants. So in order to figure this out, the right questions have to be asked to get a full understanding of what is expected from you.