August 28, 2018

Is being smart interesting for me and do I really need a smart home?

Smart homes not only a solution for mansions, but also for you

Whereas 5 years ago, the term “smart home” was mainly used by professionals, we can now see that it has found its way in the vocabulary of...

August 20, 2018

Box or not a box – That’s the question…

To make it dramatic from the beginning: What would happen, if the government would fail from one day to the other? Right – Panic would break lose but the world would still turn, due to the private sector.

What does a failing govern...

August 13, 2018

What does make a home smart?

“Intelligent is knowing that a Tomato is a fruit – Smart is to not put it in a fruit salad”

Whereas professionals in this field have been busy for decades, the real boost was initiated by Google, Alexa, Apple, and others. Whereas the terms, s...

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Simple and effective ways to reduce heating costs

September 25, 2019