5 Nov 2019

E-Necker is tackling the most common KNX misconceptions. Most of these downsides are prejudices people have because they do not know enough about the thematic or simply because they prefer another system. This list will cover the most frequent named downsides.

Misconception 1: KNX is extremely expensi...

5 Jun 2019

The question, which even professionals with experience ask themselves regularly - As followed a guest article by E-Necker

When implementing a Smart Home Living project, the question of which system to use will arise sooner or later.

There is no such thing as a standard solution: like everywhere else, e...

11 Mar 2019


The increasing popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) set new records for the smart homes and buildings industry. Smart homes and smart buildings are destined to open their focus on more crucial topics, which have, respectively are still coming with the IoT revolu...

17 Feb 2019

KNX in the construction phase is an important topic, which is highlighted in this blog article by E-Necker

Last time you could read about distribution boxes and risers in our blog.

In today's blog we will go into the subject of "cabling" in more detail. You can also save money here - but be careful not...

31 Jan 2019

Expanding Integration Opportunities - Visit the KNX Booth at ISE2019 in Amsterdam

It is again one of the favourite times in the world of smart homes and smart buildings - The world’s largest exhibition for systems integration and AV professionals, Integrated Systems Europe 2019 (ISE) is opening its ga...

21 Jan 2019

KNX in the construction phase is an important topic, which is highlighted in this blog article by E-Necker

Many apartment and house owners know it: The money just "flows", the plumber, tiler, builder, etc. cost a lot of money and you want to save where ever possible. Of course, the question of what ca...

7 Jan 2019

They, who spread security, will gain trust for smart homes and smart buildings

Recent studies have shown that the almost 50 percent of households are interested in implementing smart solutions for their houses, the one main concern remains - Security. This being identified by KNX Association couple of...

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